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Dr. Lil Honey

Body Butter

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Our Mission

From our hands to yours, “Dr. Lil Honey Body Butter” is a homemade product based out of Atlanta, GA. Dr. Lil Honey Body Butter creates organic skin care projects with 100% natural ingredients. Our goal is to provide products that are lightweight, enrich your skin, and keeps you moisturized throughout the day.

Dr. LiL Honey Body Butter was established December 2020 in Atlanta, GA. The name Dr. Lil Honey is a combination of my belated mother’s educational achievement, her childhood nickname, ‘Lil’ Honey’ and the product we produce. Lil Honey was an accomplished woman who had an impact on myself and global professionals. She loved natural body butters and their benefits on the skin,  therefore it was only right to create a body butter company. We hope you enjoy your body butters just as much as we enjoyed making them for you!!